New and premium phones have that feature that we always want to have on our phone.

So now why to wait if we can have that same feature on our phone without paying a high amount for the premium phone.


Get an always on display for your phone or tablet. Keep your screen on all the time.

The idea is to provide users with information about the date, time, notifications.

When phone screen gets OFF display show the time and date and notification if any.

Why to ON your display, again and again, to know the time, just install this app and feel relaxed.

Know time or notifications without touching the phone.

How to install;

  1. Go to Play Store
  2. Type always on in the search box

  3. Click on Always on AMOLED – BETA

  4. Install this app
  5. Now Click on right arrow button

  6. Allow Now

  7. Your app is ready to work

  8. Press power button/turn off display
  9. You can see time and date now

  10. You can customize(change color of time and date or change clock type)

  11. Click here to download

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