This is a very basic question for those who use online business or websites. But it can be a tough one for those who are new to this online industry. So today I am here to make this question much easier by telling what is domain name in a simpler way?

Ok so let’s start like this

You have a business (any kind of business) at your place and you have limited customers from that locality and you want to expand your business and wants to sell your products to maximum customers so what you need is ONLINE BUSINESS through which you can tell customers about your business and can reach to maximum customers.


What is this Online Business?

domain name

Online Business is to make your business online to reach maximum customers all over the world. With the help of online business, you can increase your sale to a higher level and can make a huge profit. Online business has many categories through which you can reach maximum customers but the one which is best and highly in demand that is WEBSITE for your business. This image is showing my website screenshot.

How to make a website for my business?


To make your business online you need a website and to make a website you need a domain name and Hosting. Domain name is the¬†address/name of your website through which customers can find your website. Ok, I”ll give you an example of it, www.phonevines.com (see above image) this is my domain name through which you can find me on the internet, so to make a website you first need a domain name.

Domain name can be of different types e.g., www.phonevines.com, www.phonevines.in, www.phonevines.co.in, www.phonevines.org.

What are these .com, .in, .co.in, .org in domain name?

These are the extensions of the domain name that you want for your business. Most popular extension for domain name is .com, you can get an extension that you want for your business but remind it more and more people are registering for domain names so if you have a common business name than it’s quite difficult to find a domain name of your business because it might have taken by someone else. So choose a different business name which is not common and that will surely help you in getting domain name and extension of your choice.

Hope you understand what is a domain name? You can also check What is Web Hosting?

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