Web hosting is a service basically that allows individual, firm or any organization to post their website or web pages on the internet.

You can understand in a simple way like, you have a business idea and you have the name for your business but you don’t have the space to start your business. Now you will rent a place for your business and you will pay rent monthly or annually. So here hosting is the rent for your website which is charged by hosting companies to provide a space on the internet for your website. Before hosting you need a web address for your website through which people can search for your website which is also known as the domain name.

We have talked about What is Domain Name in the previous post. After buying the domain name you need to have a hosting plan for your website. If you will buy a domain name and you don’t have the hosting plan for it then your website will never be live for the internet users.


Types of Web Hosting

There are so many web hosting services available in the market that one can get. But due to a large number of services, it can be very confusing sometimes, especially for the beginners. There are enormous web hosting companies that are competing for your business with hundreds of web hosting plans and they are so confusing sometimes that even a pro blogger can get confused which plan to choose.

Types of web hosting services completely depend on how much experience you have in this field. If you are a beginner then there is no need for a high-level web hosting service because it is just the starting of a business and with the increase in traffic of website or business, you should upgrade your hosting to a high-level web hosting service.

Let’s take a look at the most common web hosting services available in the market, and which one would best serve your business needs. If you are a beginner or upgrading your business, this post will surely help you in getting the best one.


 1)  Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hostingShared hosting is a type of web hosting where multiple websites share the same web server on the internet. Sharing of hosting means sharing of cost, this is one of the best advantages of Shared hosting. As the hosting get shared with multiple websites the cost also gets shared between those websites. This is one of the cheapest services of web hosting. This service is perfect for the beginners as they get hosting at very minimal cost. The cost that one needs to spend on Shared hosting is nearly about $5 to $10 per month.

Now you must be thinking that this is the perfect options why people pay such a huge amount to host companies then, so here is the reply for it, as there are many benefits of Shared hosting there are a lot of drawbacks even. If you are using Shared hosting and you just started a new website then your website must not be popular, so if someone has a popular website on the same server that you are using then it will use maximum memory and provide that memory to that popular website only and after that all of the new websites will suffer slow page loading and website down problems.


2)  VPS Hosting

VPS hosting

VPS here stands for Virtual Private Server. If we separate each word in Virtual Private Server then you can easily understand the meaning of VPS hosting. Virtual means nearly as described, but not completely or according to the strict definition and private means personal, so after combining both words we can simply say that the VPS server is still a shared environment, but the type of sharing is different from Shared Hosting.

VPS hosting is neither a complete Shared Hosting nor Dedicated Hosting. It is somewhat between the both. A VPS hosting is a type of hosting in which server literally split into as many parts as there are users. Let’s clear it out with an example, suppose there are 10 users and the capacity of the server is 500 GB of hard drive space and 10 GB of RAM, so each user will be able to use 50 GB of hard drive space and 1 GB of RAM. The space provided by the host companies for each user is equal and limited. If the user hits the RAM limit then the site will go down but it will not affect the other users present on that server. VPS servers are highly configurable and provide a lot more flexibility to its users.

The cost that one needs to spend on VPS hosting is nearly about $50 to $200 per month.


3)  Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated ServerDedicated server is the best choice for those whose site exceeds 100k visits per month. It is a type of hosting in which you are alone on the server. Not a single neighbour around you using that server. You will get a computer that will be all yours and you can customize it according to your need. This type of hosting is very flexible as you will be able to choose the amount and the type of memory that you want, you can also choose the Operating System to install, and many other things. But it can be quite difficult sometimes to handle if you are not aware of technical knowledge. To maintain the Dedicated server you need to know quite a bit about computers and server technology. The costs of a dedicated server is significantly higher than shared hosting and VPS hosting. 

The minimum cost that one needs to spend on Dedicated hosting is nearly about $100 per month and above.


4)  Cloud Hosting


Cloud HostingCloud Hosting is a type of hosting that lets hundreds of individual servers work together and it also allows to use the resources of multiple servers in a network. The benefit of Cloud Hosting is that if you get an unusually large amount of website traffic than the plan of Cloud Hosting can handle it rather than slowing or shutting down your website. Cloud Hosting can easily protect you from DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. DDoS attacks are not to play with your privacy or security but their only purpose is to overwhelm your website with requests, causing the server to crash.

Blocking as many requests can protect you from this attack. Many companies are switching to cloud-based systems to replace their regular VPS systems. This is simply because of the benefits it offers to them.

The cost that one needs to spend on VPS hosting is somewhat different from any other type of hosting. In Cloud Hosting there is a concept pay-for-what-you-use and all pricing is done according to this price structure only. The more you use the more you need to pay.


Hope you understand what is Web Hosting? You can also check What is Domain Name?

Please comment for any query or any help.

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